Finally, an album

After talking about it for a few years, we're finally getting around to recording and releasing a full length album. Recording dates have been scheduled, and artwork has been commissioned, and we're talking to nice folks at a couple of labels to release it. More details soon, but for now, here's the title and track list:

"Fingers are the Best Eyes"

  • Earless Monkey Urn
  • Hooray for Hickory
  • Fake
  • Butter
  • Run Out
  • Dignity
  • Pumpkinseed (It's a Fish)
  • Slide Rule
  • Cast Iron Pot
  • Lemon Cake


A news section

No promises, but we're going to have this page to post news or updates on stuff we're doing, or just comments and thoughts about us, music, and stuff. Don't hold your breath for anything regular - we'll post when we post.

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