Meet the others - Record Release Show song review #3 - WIG "Lucas #1"

Part 3 in this series (see part 1 & part 2), where I am reviewing one random song each from each of the bands playing with Drilling for Blasting at our record release show this SaturdayChicken HappenThe Brokedowns, and WIG. Today’s victim is WIG, and have randomly chosen "Lucas #1" from their debut 2019 release "WIG".

Remember how this review selection process was random? And thus "Lucas #1" came up. That's not a knock on the song in any way, but more a reminder of the arbitrary nature of a random song grab from an album. It's jarring to pluck a song out of the middle of albums, because as album creators, we work hard to make the flow of a record a thing. When that gets broken up, it can be strange (yes, that’s right, I’m coming down hard in the “listen to the whole album in order please” camp). It's almost as bad as if someone were to make four bands play one song at time in turn instead of being able to do play through a whole set. The point of this setup is that "Lucas #1" is the only instrumental track on the record - no vocals. It is also the shortest song. It features a loping, tom heavy drum track, and a minor key moody high-low bass part. The guitar has a ton of space to play around with some little high note noodling, punctuated by nice "dig in" hooks at the end of the phrases. The structure comes to end at the "choruses" with some full chords over double-time drums, but just briefly, then it is back to the groove.

In some ways, by itself, it feels unfinished. But listened to with the rest of the record (it is track six of seven, but this is not a full record review!) it feels like their most relaxed and confident song. I like when a band can put songs on a record where they still seem to be forming the idea. If done right, and this one is, it takes the listener along for the uncertain ride. The embrace of space, and not feeling so self-conscious that they have to fill up every corner with a note, hit, chords, or screaming, is one of the best things about WIG. It's what they do on their other songs so well (this is not an album review), and on "Lucas #1" they just open the space up more. WIG doesn't demand your attention, they create a deep mood and when you let yourself be taken by it, it's a great ride. And this song does that just fine.

That’s it for the review series. We hope to see you at the show on Saturday!


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